Cape Coast Goes Silent

ImageCities are built and inhabited by people from all walks of life. But when the whole place becomes very quiet and there seems to be no activities going on then you should know that there is a big problem somewhere. Cape Coast used to be the first capital of the Gold Coast until the capital was moved to Accra. There is no doubt that Cape Coast is the citadel of education in Ghana.

Most of the good schools (Senior High Schools)  can be found in this ancient capital. Examples are Wesley Girls High School, St. Augustines College, Adisadel College, Holy Child Senior High School and a host of other good schools. One can also mention the Cape Coast Polytechnic and the University of Cape Coast as the two tertiary institutions that can be found in Cape Coast.

But there seems to be some sort of deafening silence in the city when the schools go on vacation during the Christmas break and Easter breaks. From my observation, it seems most of the students attending these institutions are not residents of Cape Coast. The city virtually becomes silent the moment students go home. To make matters worse, it becomes difficult for those of us who have made the place our home to get access to transportation to our various destinations within and beyond the city. Food stuffs become scarce as most of the shops especially on the University campus are closed. Thats what happens when you have a city that has only one industry that employs a small fraction of the inhabitants with the University of Cape Coast and Cape Coast Polytechnic absorbing a majority of the inhabitants as part of their workforce.

It is high time the people of Cape Coast stop thinking that the government should come and set up industries for them. Those who are well to do must sit up and make the city of Cape Coast a better place. The silence is too deafening. God save us all.


5 thoughts on “Cape Coast Goes Silent

    • Just a small number of people are employed in the tourism industry in Cape Coast and Elmina. The majority of the inhabitants are employed by the educational institutions in these two towns. Most of them too are at the junior staff level.

  1. Great post!! Its rather unfortunate because Cape Coast is a great place. I come from Saltpond, so I’m familiar with the place. I can’t say much, because I’ve been away for some years, but I pray things change in our country.
    *Happy New Yea to you. Lovely Blog…Keep up the good work.*

    • Thank you very much for your comments. I also pray things change for the best in Cape Coast. Most of the good schools are located in this city. But the jobs are very scarce there.

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