Ghana’s Green Heroes (Farmers) Deserve Better

Image Have you ever wondered how your food got to your table before you enjoyed it? Many people dont even appreciate the efforts of our gallant farmers and fishermen as they strive and toil to produce the crops and animals for us to consume.

Once again, Ghana is celebrating her farmers and appreciating their hardwork. Many farmers across the country would expect to be rewarded for their hardwork, but deep down my heart i feel Ghanaian farmers and fisherfolk deserve better. More must be done for them so as to improve on their crop yield and the population of their animals.

Most of the farmers dont have access to better and quality health care not to talk about their children not getting access to quality education. Most of the roads leading to these food producing centers are not in the best of shapes and unmotorable. Farmers find it difficult to cart their produce to the urban centers. We always hear so much talk from our political leaders on their plans for the agricultural and fisheries sectors, but these plans are only mere rhetoric when it comes to their implementation.

Rewarding farmers alone would not encourage them to produce more for the country. They need better roads in their farming communities, better storage facilities, health centers and good schools and quality education for their children. There should be more agricultural extension officers in all the farming areas in Ghana for them to always advice the farmers on good farming and animal rearing practices. 

The youth must also be encouraged to venture into farming and animal rearing because it seems those presently engaged in farming are all in their old ages and if that generation of farmers should fade out, then food production and animal rearing in this country would be at risk. Gone are the days when each household had a backyard farm or garden where some vegetables and fruits were cultivated just to supplement the food supply of the family. Many of the productive farm lands have also been taken over by real estate developers and other people. If care is not taken, in a few years time, Ghana would have to import all her food and animals from other countries. We must make sure this does not happen. I salute all our gallant Green Heroes and Fisherfolk as we acknowledge their hardwork to put food on our tables every day. The next time you are about to enjoy your food, remember to say a prayer for the Ghanaian farmer and fisherman. When you see a farmer, dont forget to say a big thank you. God bless all farmers and fishermen in Ghana. Our farmers and fisherfolk really deserve better than what they are being given today.



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