Justice Swerved (Served) In Ghana

ImageAma (not her real name) is a nine year old girl and lives in the same community with most of his friends. In her community you come across all manner and types of characters parading around. On that fateful day, Ama was supposed to be in school, but due to an illness that was plaguing her she had to stay home.

The moment Ama’s mom left for the market to purchase some food items, Kwadwo (not his real name), called Ama to send her on an errand. He took this opportunity to defile the nine year old girl upon her return when she entered his room to deliver the items. To further scare the little girl, Kwadwo told her not to tell any one about what happened otherwise she would die.

Ama went back to her house and did not inform the mom when she returned from the market. But that evening, her mom noticed some changes in her walking. Upon interrogation and further probing Ama told her the truth. A report was quickly made at the nearest police station and Kwadwo was arrested. In his caution statement, Kwadwo admitted the offence but said he did it with the consent of the little girl. Now here comes the tricky part. He had to be processed for court. 

Ama’s parents notice some attempts being made by the crime officer and the relatives of the accused just to make sure that the case does not see the light of day. As we all know, Kwadwo’s family is very rich and very influential in the community so they try as much as possible to make the case a “foolish case”. Your guess is as good as mine, justice is not served but swerved. The rest is left for posterity to judge.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on how justice is being swerved in Ghana. There are numerous  similar cases where families have been left grieving as a result of the machinations of some few bad nuts within the justice system and our society. Why should the wheels of justice grind so slowly in such an urgent  matter. The lives of many children have been put at risk due to these condoning and conniving tactics to swerve the justice system in Ghana. No wonder the majority of the people have lost interest, credibility and trust in our judicial service and the police service.

The earlier we corrected this anomaly the better, for it will come back to haunt us and the generations yet unborn will not forgive us for just sitting down and allowing the rot in these places to continue. These are just the thoughts of an ordinary citizen of Mother Ghana, God bless Ghana my homeland.


2 thoughts on “Justice Swerved (Served) In Ghana

  1. It is so unfortunate that this has happened to the little girl. Being only nine years old, I don’t know who would even consider the statement to be true of this man. I think his act was deplorable at best.

    The justice system has surely failed this young girl and her family. These are the types of injustices that cause people to take the law into their own hands and serve their own type of justice.

    It does not matter how rich this man and his family are because when they come before God on judgement day this act will not be overlooked.

    • This is just the tip of the iceberg of crimes of such nature being committed in my country. The law enforcement agencies, the judiciary and the culprits sometimes connive to make the case a “foolish case” especially when the victim and her family have no knowledge of the legal jargons and procedure. Some victims are even threatened not to appear in court. God save my country from this “cancerous” behaviour.

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