Ghana Must Work

I wake up every morning with a sad and heavy heart as i find it difficult to sleep with all these threats of strike actions and demonstrations in our beloved country, Ghana. I am very sad for Mother Ghana as more poor people  continue becoming poorer with each passing day as we see no end in sight to this crisis that has engulfed our dear nation.

It seems Ghana is not working as she is supposed to. There is corruption in all sectors of of the country’s economic, social and political spheres. To add more insult to injury , the canker of indiscipline is becoming a daily occurrence and habits of most Ghanaians have changed towards this ugly monster that has reared its ugly head and ready to reek chaos and havoc in our country.  It seems there are a lot of things going wrong in our beloved country.

Ghana will work if all those involved in corrupt practices are made to face the full rigors of the law without fear or favor irrespective of political, ethnic and religious affiliation. Perceived corrupt government officials are made to walk about with impunity and arrogance because their party is in power and also their supporters threaten to vote against the party so, the one who is supposed to crack the whip finds it difficult doing so. This is for fear of loosing the next general elections. What a sad and sorry state of affairs we find ourselves in this country. Every night i hear the weeping and sobs of Mother Ghana. She weeps for her children as they continue to bleed her to death.

It is also time the various forms of indiscipline is curbed or totally eradicated from our country.  The sense of sacrifice and responsibility is no more with us. It is business as usual as every one goes about doing his or her own thing. If you try to right a wrong, you are given names and you become the odd one in the society .  But at the end of the day, the corrupt government official, politician or civil servant and the undisciplined citizen would all go to the church and mosques to worship and seek divine help in all their endeavors.  God is really a very patient and loving God, for if He decides to punish us with each wrong that we do every day, humankind would tow the right path and not do things that would put the country and the world in general  in a risky position. Lets all put our hands to the wheel and make sure that Ghana works again. These are just the thoughts of a passionate son of Mother Ghana. God bless our homeland Ghana.



One thought on “Ghana Must Work

  1. I think if corruption was punished more severely, or even punished at all, then a lot of positive change will come to Ghana. Your articles are always spot on.

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