Senior High School Admission Blues

Every parent in Ghana will love to see his or her child to be admitted into any of the well endowed senior high schools in Ghana right after their completion of the junior high school education.  But this does not come easy as the child has to pass his or her Basic Education Certificate Examinations with distinction. The choice of schools also sometimes becomes a headache as most of the parents will like to choose good schools in the urban centers for their children and we all know that not all those who pass well will be able to gain admission into these so called well endowed schools.

Formerly the selection of students into the senior high schools used to be done manually with the headmasters and headmistresses having a field day as they used their discretion in the selection process. Then came the computer placement system which was meant to do away with the corruption in the selection process, but after some years of its implementation, it seems that problem has not been well tackled.

Once again, it is time for the  admission of students into the senior high schools and the system is fraught with so many anomalies. Parents are just moving from school to school just to make sure that their children are given admission once they have been selected by the computer placement system for those schools. Some parents have to compromise their principles by paying something extra just to guarantee the admission of their children into some of the senior high schools. We all know that this is the “Cocoa Season” of some of the headmasters and headmistresses. Parents are also being made to pay more than the government approved fees in most of the schools.  Moreover, some parents have to feign sickness at their workplaces so as to get the opportunity to go round making sure that their children get their desired schools.

What is the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service doing to correct all these anomalies at this level of Ghana’s educational sector? It is time   our educational authorities put in place measures to reduce ( if not totally solved) the problems associated with the selection process into the senior high schools. God bless Ghana my Motherland.





2 thoughts on “Senior High School Admission Blues

  1. it cannot be better said than this. it is amazing how we use chaos to correct chaos in Ghana. Government introduced the computer placement system as a remedy to the chaos caused by the manual placement system. It hoped to eradicate bribery and corruption especially those collected by heads of institutions. But what do we see? the same old story repeating itself year-in year-out, sometimes in a worse state. I remember my auntie paying something extra in attempt to secure a place for her daughter.
    The most heartbreaking aspect is that although the problem keeps repeating itself yearly, there seems to be nothing done to correct or at least curb it. It is about time we stop this African attitude of accepting every chaff as it is and saying all shall pass. It is about time we got the bull by the horn, address the problem once and for all. and this can be achieved by putting government to the task.
    God bless our homeland Ghana

    • That’s it, Mercy, we need to address this problem once and for all and stop the attitude of “wait and see”. Once the admission period is over it seems everybody forgets about the problem. The government and all the stake holders must put in place measures to curb this anomaly to prevent it from re-occurring in the subsequent years.

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