Encouraging Innovation In Ghana

The world is becoming more technologically advanced with each passing day and we in Ghana can not be left out of this wonderful and intriguing spectacle. Thus, new gadgets and devices are launched almost every month with more improvements. Devices such as tablets, mobile phones and all types of smart devices you can think of are now being used by Ghanaians. Ghana can be part of this exciting innovative world and also contribute her quota to making the world a technologically savvy one through her government and the big players in all aspects of the economy.  The Government of Ghana through her Ministry of Science ,Technology and Innovation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education should organize technology fairs and workshops at all levels of education so as to catch the innovative and technologically minded children at a very young age.  The big players in industry could also pool their resources together and set up incubators for people who have innovative ideas in order to nurture those ideas to benefit both the whole society and these industries. These innovative ideas could be helpful in all sectors of the economy as they would go a long way to better the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian. Scholarship schemes could also be set up for students who are able to show any form of innovation so as to encourage them to make their ideas a reality. Our tertiary institutions particularly the universities could also tailor their curricula to make it more practical rather than theoretical. Students should  be made to think outside the box thereby creating their own employment avenues upon completion of their tertiary education. The above suggestions would properly put Ghana on the technological map of the world if considered. For all you know a child with some wild innovative ideas somewhere in Ghana is just waiting to explode unto the world scene and his ideas might be the answer to a problem that has been with us since time immemorial. God bless Ghana my homeland and make it great and strong. 

26 thoughts on “Encouraging Innovation In Ghana

  1. Yeah Kumadorian, I agree with your post. I think certain courses offered at the tertiary level, need to be reviewed, there must be a bit of technology in every aspect of academic curricula so that whichever field you find yourself after school, you can still make use of technology and be innovative, which in return facilitates effectiveness and efficiency in our course of action, to able to add to up to the development of the country. Peace

  2. I support this initiative because one can not match the changing world without the help of technology. I think the suggestion for the government to support in all educational levels is in the right direction. Lets encourage the young ones to take up technology.

  3. I think Francis has just hit on a remarkable key note that sounds the tone for Ghanaian industry players to garner resources together to create and promote technology in Ghana. This call is very timely because it is coming at a time when technology has indeed becomes a precursor to every countries development. This should remind us that we live in a global technological village and we cannot continue to be an island in the middle of the vast technological ocean. Francis you right! You have gingered my intuition to start thinking about how I should able to generate electricity with a dose of the garbage waste dumped across the street close to my counsin’s house. I am thinking a technological thought. Isn’t ?

  4. Francis, i really enjoy reading your articles and want to say thank you for your love for our homeland and your passion for writing and bringing to our attention pertinent issues such as this, Now to the point of innovation, i pray we all come to the realization that our educational system needs a big restructuring by teaching our youth to think on their feet and out of the box from the basic level. Educational competitions for our youth to identify a problem and find a solution to it will also go a long way in bringing innovative ideas out of where we least expected.

  5. Francis has done very well. Community funding is the key. Cos Innovation through community funding is the best way of promoting or encouraging social mobility if that community funding is there coupled with Innovation form individuals, that is gonna lead to a higher productivity and hence encouraging growth economically. Innovation improve the quality of goods and services and reduces the cost of production as well there by leading to the generation of more revenue. Great work. Keep it up.

  6. This is why the government should facilitate and push for the HOPE CITY project to come to fruition, that would catapult Ghana into a leadership role where technology is concerned.

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more Francis. The only way Ghana can develop is to revolutionise technology and encourage innovations. It will amaze you what young guys are doing with technological gadgets…if only they can be pushed small,they will do wonders. Nice write up

  8. Francis, I believe Ghana can really become the hub of Africa if we all invest and devout our resources (time, money, effort etc) in especially the children. Education in Ghana,is becoming bogus because its all about, ‘ go to school, get a good job and become rich’. We are totally not to blame although we cannot exonerate ourselves from what has become of us as a result of the “standardised procedure to success”. It is high time the educational system in Ghana changed.

    A child’s interest, passion and prowess should be monitored early enough by the immediate agents of socialisation. ie, family and school. When this is done, before this child gets to junior high school, s/he knows what they want to do. This is a better way of encouraging children to become science and technologically inclined.

    Government of course also has a vital role to play in this. If our universities,polytechnics, colleges and other higher educational make more room in admitting students interested in pursuing courses in the sciences, the morale of the youth will be boosted to follow their passion.

    All said and done, Francis, I believe your articles are really inspiring. Don’t you ever stop. Indeed “the pen is mightier than the sword”. In this case, blogging is mightier than the sword.

    • Yes indeed, blogging is mightier than the sword. Ghana needs a serious revolution in her educational sector. Without technology and innovation we will be left behind in the race of life. Ghana needs more innovative thinking students who can practicalise what they learn in school.

  9. Great writeup. Very straight to the point as well. It’s good to introduce children to this recent phenomenon but beyond this, our administrators who are mostly dinosaurs must wake up and smell the coffee. They’re too stuck in the past to know the potential of information technology.

    • Thank you very much. Our administrators are really stuck in the past. They just refuse to give way for innovations from the youth. They see the youth as being too demanding, asking so many questions and always putting pressure on them.

  10. Yes its very true wild ideas have shaped the world. When people begun innovations others told them they were crazy but those innovations have changed our world.

  11. The thoughts of Francis are timely and need serious action from all players for us to make a difference in our part of the world, too. Innovative ideas need the necessary resources to be nurtured to blossom. Hence, our leaders and all stakeholders need to be committed to this endeavour to make our homeland climb with other technologically sophisticated economies. We do not live alone; the time is now and we do not have any excuse…

  12. That’s a good call man. Technological development is the way forward. No number of lawyers or administrators can achieve any significant technical feat. And science and technology are at the forefront of any nation’s development

  13. I have met young Ghanaians with varied ideas on how to contribute to Ghana and the world’s technological needs, but with no support. There are others who have given up because their innovations are labelled “local” sometimes by leaders in the country. One thing remains certain: until we appreciate the “local” technological ideas and inventions, we will just remain consumers of the world’s technological influx. Kumadorian, thanks for highlighting this at this critical stage. Kudos

    • The young ones have so many innovative ideas but in our part of the world, they are sometimes seen as a nuisance when they come out with these ideas. Imagine a young graduate coming up with a technological breakthrough, he approaches potential investors in the country with his or her business plan and all they tell him is “We dont invest in start ups”. Before you realize it, this guy or lady would be whisked away from the country by the westerners and they polish his ideas and make it their own. Then Ghana would have to pay more for the use of such innovative ideas that have been well packaged. The lip service in this country must end.

  14. Great post. Any concept that has been devised to encourage innovation in Ghana must also be very sustainable. Many start ups are just going to make impact if as a country we make it a point to shoulder this ideas. God bless Ghana.

  15. Oyiwa! I have said and preached this many of a times. The government (minus the people), public universities & institutions is not ready for this. Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation’s STEM program: Robotics Inspired Science Education which targets kids from Basic to Senior High School and many such innovative programs should be backed and pushed by parents, and all. I don’t want to write much.

    If we, the people do not push and reform things, remember GoG won’t do it. Even if they ever try, they will break it eventually.

    • Kobebigs, i am very much moved by your bit you are also doing to help whip up the innovative and technological drive amongst the senior high schools in Ghana. I know and believe this would go a long way to nurture our future inventors and problem solvers in Ghana. Kudos to you and your team and more vim. Arise Ghana youth, God bless our homeland Ghana.

  16. The Government of Ghana can also partner with the educational institutions and bring about a radical change in the way our students are trained for the job market. Students with innovative ideas could be encouraged to bring out more ideas. Ghana needs more technological ideas which are generated by her own citizens to help solve some of the local problems we are facing in this country.

  17. Good suggestion my brother. But what we need is a strong leader with such vision as your. The time has come for Ghana to meet the standard of the world. if scholarships are to be given, then we need to put away the idea of giving them to party members and families. It will take a strong personality to do this. Africa must rise and be in the limelight. Long live Ghana, long live Africa and the great future leaders coming.

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