Child Safety In Ghana

Image Children are precious and special gifts from the Almighty Father and it seems we on this earth and in our dear country Ghana have neglected the responsibilities naturally entrusted to us. I move around and i realize that most children in Ghana are seriously at risk of getting injured or perishing from certain simple safety  loopholes that have been left unattended to. I see most people who drive with their children sitting in the front passenger seats of their cars without wearing seat belts or sitting at the back with no baby seat to secure themselves in the event of a collision with another vehicle. Unfortunately our law enforcement agencies also look on whiles these basic safety measures are flouted with impunity. You also find some drivers with their children on their laps whiles driving. This is a very bad practice and must be stopped. It puts the child’s life at risk. In some households several bottles of dangerous liquids are left at places where children mistake them for water and they ingest them and most of these children if help is not given to them immediately would die and some are left to battle with life threatening complications for the rest of their lives. Examples of such liquids are bottles of kerosene, liquid detergents and other types of industrial chemicals. If you care about the safety of children you will put all these chemicals at secured places in the house. Children also like playing a lot and when they enter the kitchen and find knives or other sharp implements lying around, they tend to pick them up and in the process cut themselves.  Our numerous construction sites dotted all over the country also have open pits with stagnant water and quiet recently our media have been awash with children drowning in these open pits.  The safety issues concerning our children are numerous and if i want to continue writing i would not finish. I hope to hear from you through your comments and suggestions on this particular post. Lets all do our best to ensure the safety of every child we see or we come into contact with. Lets all remember that we were all children at a stage in our lives. Just reflect on this post and think about how you were able to get to this stage as an adult. Would you have gotten this far if someone had not ensured your safety when you were a child. God bless us all.

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