Celebrating Festivals In Ghana

Image Africa as a continent is endowed with so much culture and tradition which makes the people to come together during festivals and other social events such as child naming ceremonies, puberty rites, enstoolment and enskinment of chiefs, funerals etc etc. All these have so much of our cultural identities embedded in them. Ghana is no exception when it comes to the display of rich culture and tradition during the aforementioned ceremonies especially festivals. We all know that during festivals the chiefs and people in that particular community come together to plan for the coming year and also take stock of all the activities they undertook the previous year. Thus development projects are planned and conscious efforts are then made to execute them so as to improve the lives of the people in the community.  In Ghana the Akuapem people celebrate the Odwira festival, the Ga Homowo, Anlo Hogbetsotso, Nzema and Ahanta Kundum, Asante Akwasidae, Winneba Aboakyere. These are just a few of the many festivals celebrated in Ghana. But the question i would ask is, do they really plan projects and implement them? I would very much use the Ogua Fetu Afahye  of the people of Cape Coast in the Central Region as a reference point. For the past ten years that i have been residing in Cape Coast, i have observed with keen interest the celebration of their festival. It seems no development activities are undertaken by the chiefs and people of Cape Coast during and after the celebration of their festival. Is the festival celebration all about eating and drinking , promiscuous lifestyles undertaken by most of the youth in this ancient capital which later metamorphose into teenage pregnancies and a high STD infection rate. A lot of alcoholic beverages are consumed during the festival and i have also observed the problem of men and women developing pot bellies. I hope development projects would be planned and executed in the subsequent celebrations of the Ogua Fetu Afahye. These also goes out to all the festivals in Ghana. Our chiefs should be development oriented and not wait for the central government to undertake projects in their communities. Lets not make our festivals an eating and drinking celebration. These are just my observations, your comments are welcome.


5 thoughts on “Celebrating Festivals In Ghana

    • Thats the truth and i am not afraid to say it as it is. The chiefs are adorned with gold ornaments and rich Kente cloth during festivals and with all the pomp and pageantry they feel reluctant to lift a finger to see to the development of their communities. I am so much saddened by the situation. God help us all.

  1. I enjoyed reading about the undertaking of festivals. It seems you do have a great respect of culture in Africa. I wish we had more of the culture respect in America. We have different festivals but I also believe they are just an excuse to drink uncontrollably…lol…even the police are geared up when it is time because they know there will be plenty of opportunities for ticket writing and arrests which equate to more revenue.

    • Its a very sad situation as you see all these young girls almost nude, and the so called big men who are to lead by example take advantage of them and use them any how. They end up with unplanned pregnancies and life threatening STDs. Its high time our festivals revert back to their main purposes. There is so much selfishness and irresponsibility going on in our society. No one wants to lift a finger and make sure the right things are done in the society. If you make an effort they start calling you names and point fingers at you. God help us all. We can bring about change if we take responsibility for our actions and we also need an attitudinal change. Our societies are seriously deteriorating.

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