When Night Fall’s

Image  Just imagine the world without buildings and places for humankind to lay down their heads when darkness sets in. Different types of buildings have evolved since the creation of humankind. According to historical evidence humankind first lived in caves and sometimes in holes created in big trees. These provided man with the much needed shelter and also protection from the vagaries of the weather. With the discovery of fire, humankind was able to provide themselves with enough heat to counter the bitter cold weather that was gnawing at their bodies at night. Fast forward to our modern days, we now have big cities and towns with all the modern buildings and structures which will amaze the prehistoric man if he is to be in our world. Due to urbanization, unemployment and the search for greener pasture and the rural-urban migration, most people in the major cities have no place to sleep when night fall’s. They are made to contend with the cold weather especially during the rainy season and also at the mercy of the ever present mosquitoes. To add to their woes are the miscreants in the cities and big towns indulge in criminal activities such as armed robbery and the raping of innocent and homeless women who sleep on the streets and in front of the shops. My heart bleeds anytime i watch television and see people trying to find a place to sleep after a hard day’s   work. Their situation becomes worse during the rainy season as they are forced to stand and sleep. What can be done to alleviate their situation? If you are in doubt, try and take a stroll through your town or city when night fall’s. These are just the deep heartfelt thoughts of a concerned African and citizen of the world. Say a prayer for the homeless every night when you are about to sleep. God bless my homeland Ghana and the whole world.

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