Ghana Must Work

ImageImagine living in a world devoid of all forms of vices and corrupt activities.  No wars, no conflicts  and sicknesses. One will say that i will be living in a utopian world but we all can make such a world exist if we make up our minds to do the right thing at the right time. Ghana is currently going through  sort of inquisition in terms of how we manage the revenue accruing from our natural resources.  What sort of legacy are our political leaders leaving for the upcoming generations. My heart is heavy as our leaders and politicians are really plundering the nation. Several stinking reports of corrupt activities are making news headlines in both the print and electronic media. We tend to forget that  our little brothers and sisters will one day take over from us and they are watching us. Ghana seems not to be working and we all know the situation at hand. Why cant the authorities put in place measures to curtail the problems that will arise out of the double intake of our Senior High School graduates for the 2013/2014 admissions into the tertiary institutions? Are they waiting for the problem to get out of hand before something is done? We seem to be going back to the drawing board anytime a problem arises and it seems there is a systemic failure in our governance system in Ghana and all over the African continent. Why should the government wait till university lecturers threaten strike action before they do what they are supposed to do? It also seems some people are not doing their jobs but thinking of the selfish interests. They are thinking of where to get bribes and these people are the ones who go to church on Sundays and give thanks and praises to God for blessing them with money and they also give huge offerings to their various churches. We have street lights but they are just white elephants and don’t work at night, yet still we pay for them. Water does not flow through the taps most of the time but the bill given to you at the end of the month could give you high blood pressure and send you to your grave. Our tertiary institutions keep on increasing fees but still no improvement in accommodation facilities to cater for the numerous students. For Ghana to work, why not start education on corruption, provision of social amenities and the responsibilities of the government as a whole in the development of our dear nation at the lowest level of education? We live in a country where if a serious problem arises the president has to step in before it  solved. I keep on asking myself, what are the ministers, DCEs and the other government appointees doing? If they cant do the job why waste the tax payers money to pay them? I use to relish the days gone by when communal labour was a weekly activity. We cant continue this way, for posterity will judge us if we don’t make Ghana work again. Let’s all do our best to make Ghana work again to ensure a brighter and better future for the unborn generations. God bless Ghana my motherland and the whole world, amen.


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