Let There Be Peace In Ghana

ImageOnce again Ghanaians have shown to the whole world that it is better to resort to the rule of law to resolve disputes rather than through violent means. This was as a result of the Election Petition Case before the Supreme Court of the country. This has shown how democracy is gradually gaining grounds in the country and i hope other African countries are learning some lessons from what just happened in Ghana. Currently the Justices of the Supreme Court are yet to come out with their ruling on the Election Petition. As they take their time to come out with a ruling that will not jeopadize the nation’s fledgling democratic dispensation, Ghanaians have been asked to accept the ruling of the Justices of the Supreme Court. The National Peace Council and the two political parties involved in the dispute have all taken it upon themselves to educate their followers not to resort to violence when the final ruling comes out.  The security agencies have also been put on alert to curb any form of violence that will arise as a result of the final ruling. I believe and hope that Ghanaians as peaceful as they are will accept the final ruling on the Election Petition and not plunge the nation into chaos and destruction. Lets all not forget that Ghana is bigger than any political party and any individual’s interest.  Lets all do our best to ensure that the peace that we have enjoyed in this country is sustained and strengthened. We have only one Ghana and there is no place like home. God bless Ghana my homeland and make her great and strong.


One thought on “Let There Be Peace In Ghana

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