“Give and Take” (Corruption In Ghana).

ImageGhanaians have shown mixed reactions to the recently released  Corruption Perception Index (CPI) results which placed the Ghana Police Service at the top as the most corrupt institution in the country.  While some agree with the results others have divergent views. The Ghana Police Service was quick to come out and question the basis of such a poll placing them at the top. But who in Ghana does not know the Ghana Police Service and their “mode of operation”? If you have been a frequent patron of public transport in Ghana, you will understand clearly what i am talking about. It seems corruption abounds in so many spheres of the life of the Ghanaian, being it political, economic and social. Just take a careful look at our educational system. Influential people still manipulate the system and get their wards into prestigious senior high schools. The poor ones are forced to part with huge sums of money before their brilliant wards are given admission into these prestigious schools. The heads of these senior high schools term the period of admission as their  “cocoa season”. They make a lot of money from the parents who are eager and will do anything at all cost to get their wards admitted into these prestigious schools. When it comes to university admissions too, a similar practice is employed but its more complicated at this level, as you later on find out that some of the students with the connivance of certain university officials gain admission thereby blocking the chances of those who have duly qualified to gain admission into the universities. Monies also change hands at this level.  Some Town and Country Planning, Lands Commission officials also do this nation a big disservice by granting permits to people to build in unauthorized areas. They collect bribes and look the other way as the wrong thing is done. Their nefarious activities come to light when there is a major flood and buildings in these unauthorized areas are affected.  The least said about Ghana’s entre points the better. these are the ports, harbours and airports. Goods are under declared by some of the officials manning these entre points and the nation loses a lot of revenue that is much needed for her  development. Some of the institutions percieved to be corrupt are; the Passport Office, Rent Control, Ghana Education Service, Electricity Company of Ghana, Ghana Water Company etc etc etc.The issue of corruption must be made a priority of every government irrespective of the political party in power and the laws of the land must be allowed to work. When was the last time you paid bribe  to influence a public servant or to someone in the private sector just for him/her to render a service to you? The “Give and Take” must stop now, we all Ghanaians must do our bit to stop this canker from spreading. The unborn generations of Ghanaians must not be disappointed in us when they come and inherit a society devoid of all forms of corrupt practices. Do your bit as a Ghanaian to help root out this cancerous attitude which can go a long way to paint Ghana black. Your comments are welcome.


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