My Version Of Living In A “High Risk” Country.

Image  I know this article will make a lot of people ask a lot of questions as to where my loyalty lies, whether for Ghana or another country. But i want them to know that i am loyal to Ghana my Motherland and will forever cherish being a Ghanaian. Current events concerning the relations between the United Kingdom and Ghana has really prompted me to write this article. One will ask the question, is Ghana really a “High Risk” country as we are being tagged by the UK Government? In my opinion the answer is yes, and i will give reasons why Ghana is a “High Risk” country. This article is therefore my version of living in a “High Risk” country.

First of all, why will the citizens always appeal to the President to intervene anytime there is a problem in a certain sector? Those assigned to do that job might as well be sleeping on the job and what are they being paid for at the end of the month. Does the President always have to intervene before the right thing is done? Why did he appoint his ministers? Why should it be very difficult for graduates to get jobs after completion of their tertiary education? If you don’t know any influential person or a big man somewhere forget about securing a job on merit. Why should some health providers connive with certain pharmacy shops to make fictitious claims for NHIS payments and when detected only to turn around and accuse the investigating body of “witch hunting”. I  live in a country where some immigration officials connive with illegal immigrants for them to enter the country illegally, they in turn coerce some of the traditional rulers with substantial amounts of money and these chiefs also give out portions of land for these illegal immigrants to engage in illegal mining. These people end up polluting our water bodies and degrading the environment. No action is taken until someone decides to go undercover and brings out video evidence before action is taken. We have political leaders who are reactionary just to please their supporters and win votes but not for the interest of the masses. I live in a country where promises are made to people during election time but action is taken immediately the people embark on violent demonstrations burning tires and fighting pitched battles with the police just to demand for the fulfillment of the promises made to them. I live in a country where MPs are paid hefty sums of money, but when workers agitate for better salaries and working conditions, the Government tells them that the country is broke, and takes them to the negotiating table and succeeds in deceiving them again by giving them more promises. With all these and many more “High Risk” things i could not mention going on in my country, i feel they were right in giving us that tag  as a “High Risk” country. Your comments are welcome, God bless Mother Ghana.


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