Is Ghana A High Risk Country?

We now live in an “Animal Farm” world indeed. Ghana, Nigeria and India have been tagged as high risk countries by the UK Government. Therefore, any one from the aforementioned countries planning to visit the UK should be prepared to cough out an amount of  3000 pounds as deposit to serve as a bond to prevent such a person from overstaying his visit. If he overstays the amount will be used to defray the cost of overstaying in the UK. The UK Government is simply telling us that we are not welcome anymore in their country. If it is a matter of the UK Government needing money to shore up the economy, they should not be shy to let us know so that we contribute generously, for even the Holy Bible says that “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7). What goes into the term “High Risk Countries”? The UK Government should give us a vivid explanation of how they came by that term. They colonized us, exploited us, sold our ancestors into slavery and made us producers of raw materials and we have remained like that ever since they set foot on African soil. They used our resources to build their country and now that they have seen that Africa is rising up, they want to find all means possible to take the little money that we have from us. This immigration policy must be reviewed as all the countries targeted are likely to respond appropriately. When did Ghana become a high risk country all of a sudden? Our government should review her foreign policy  relations with the UK Government and make sure the interests of her citizens are fully protected. All the countries targeted by the UK in their new immigration law are countries that had been exploited by the UK in the past, Ghana, Nigeria and India. They exploited, impoverished us and now they say we can’t even visit what was built by our resources!!!!!! What a world?

2 thoughts on “Is Ghana A High Risk Country?

  1. This shows how our governments have failed us in Africa. If our leaders were to provide us with the much needed jobs, better education etc etc, we will not go out there and pay huge sums of money to the UK Govt in the name of traveling to that country. We through the payment of such monies contribute immensely to the economy of the UK. Just check the amount of money they make every year at the British High Commission in Ghana, it can help our country build more schools and hospitals in the rural and deprived areas.

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