Who Cares For The Consumer In Ghana?

Consumers in Ghana are right now at the mercy of both the service providers and and producers of goods. Our markets and supermarkets are flooded with all kinds and types of consumer goods. But we are all at risk and still behaving like no one cares for Ghanaians. Who actually cares for the Ghanaian consumer? We have substandard goods from all corners of the earth being dumped in Ghana and it seems there is no authority to check these products. What are the mandates of the Food and Drugs Authority, Ghana Standards Authority, Customs Excise and Prevention Service and the numerous sub agencies who have been entrusted with the prevention of goods with low quality standards being dumped into Ghana? It seems they are all paying lip service to such an important mandate entrusted to them. So it seems any one can just wake up one morning travel outside and bring in all sorts of goods and consumer items and Ghanaians are also happy with these products because they are very cheap. Our borders are so porous to the extent that it has now become very difficult for the authorised agencies to monitor the full length of the country’s borders. These substandard goods and consumer items later wreak havoc on Ghanaians through diseases and sicknesses and those who are mostly affected are women and children who are oblivious of the dangers of buying such poor quality items. For our numerous service providers such as Ghana Water Company, Electricity Company of Ghana, the Telcos etc etc, the least said about them the best. Their services are very poor and it seems Ghanaian legislators pass good laws only for our law books but these laws are not being implemented. So now the Ghanaian consumer seems to have no one fighting for him/her and all our lives are at risk. The laws of the land must work and there should be no interference whatsoever.  Judging from what is happening in Brazil dubbed the “Salad Revolution” as the Brazilians are demanding for better education and social amenities, can we also do same in Ghana? The time has come for Ghanaians to take their destiny into their own hands and fight their own battle because no one cares for the Ghanaian consumer, only God Almighty cares for us.


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