Are We Safe?

ImageI write this post with a heavy heart as i weep for my dear country Ghana. I know some people will say that this country is not worth dying for but i totally disagree with them. The current happenings in Ghana seems to portray the country as a lawless state. I watched with disgust and sadness a video footage of police personnel brutally assaulting some groups of people who they presumed to be land guards  at Cantoments. The one who took that video footage must be a very lucky guy, he should thank his stars the “Men In Black” did not give him his fair share of the beatings. As usual the Ghana Police Service is investigating the incident. We all know that previous investigations into matters of such nature have not yielded any positive results and the perpetrators continue to walk around scot free. Now the market fires are becoming too much in this country;May 5 – Kantamanto, May 7-Makola Market Extension, Tudu, May 16-Esiama Market, Elubo, May 25-Makola #1 Market, June 4-Makola #2 Market. Are these fires being deliberately caused by arsonists, electrical faults or what? I just don’t understand what is going on. All our markets are not safe anymore as these places have become targets. Our mothers, sisters, brothers etc etc loose a lot of money when such disasters occur. It seems we are not safe as no one knows where the next fire outbreak will occur, it could be your house or my house or that of a friend or a relative. The National Security and the other security agencies must be up and doing. Those who are setting the fires deliberately must be smoked out and brought to book. All these drive investors away. So “run run run run, there is fire in the market (on the mountain), run run run. I ask , where next? God save Ghana from all these fires. 


2 thoughts on “Are We Safe?

  1. Another market was gutted by fire today, and this situation is not a good one. I suspect some people behind all these fires. I hope we apprehend them one day. Their cup will be full very soon.

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