A Mother’s Love

Image  I dedicate this post to all mothers all over the world. For your information, some men too can be classified as “mothers” due to the “motherly role” they play when the mothers are not there for their children. This post is also dedicated to all the abused women all over the world. Most of these abused women are afraid to come out and report the inhumane treatments being meted to them by their husbands, brothers, uncles, fathers and members of their communities in the name of local customs and  tradition. Also a mother should not necessarily be a woman who has given birth before, but any other woman who though has no children of her own takes very good care of other people’s children, nurtures them, provides them with education, quality healthcare and in fact all their needs in life.  Many women out there are really taking their motherly roles very seriously and are bringing up their children in a good way. Therefore, i dedicate the poem ” A Motherly Love” to all mothers as we once again celebrate ” Mothers Day” this year.

                                                                A Mother’s Love

                        There are times when only a mother’s love can understand our tears,

                         Can soothe our disappointments and calm our fears.

                          There are times when only a mother’s love can share the joy we feel

                            When something we have dreamed about quite suddenly is real.

                             There are times when only a mother’s faith can help on life’s way

                              And inspire in us the confidence we need from day to day.

                             For a mother’s heart and a mother’s faith and a mother’s steadfast love

                              Were fashioned by the angels and sent from God above. (Author Unknown)

To our mothers, we say we love you and God bless you.


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