Water Is Life 2

Image Imagine  the earth without water, all living things would just die and that would be the end of humankind. But are we doing our very best to protect our water sources? We keep on repeating the mantra “water is life” and we look on unconcerned whiles our sources of drinking water are polluted by illegal miners, people in our communities through the dumping of waste material and dangerous and hazardous chemicals. We are the same people who will be calling for help the moment our taps stop flowing and we do not get water to do our many household chores. Imagine you not taking your bath for a whole day because there is no water, you can not wash your dirty clothes, no water for cooking and what even baffles me is that whiles we need water urgently, treated water is always used for flushing the water closet. The worst of it all is that thirst  can kill more quickly than hunger. One can go without food for a long time, but can not survive without water for a short time. Your whole body smells when you do not take your bath for the whole day, and not to talk about you not getting water to brush your teeth. Water is indeed life and this precious gift has been given to humankind, but it seems we are not being grateful by polluting our water sources, and cutting down the trees along the banks of our rivers.  I had to write this post due to the current water shortage in my city, Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana for the past three weeks and it seems the situation keeps on getting worse. The rains are not falling and all the taps have stopped flowing. We fear a cholera epidemic might break out due to certain insanitary conditions that may come up as a result of the water shortage. We need water to survive. Do not be surprised when you see me carrying water on my head. Let us do our very best to conserve our water sources because when the last drop of water finishes humankind will cease to exist.

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