World Malaria Day.

Image The world celebrates World Malaria Day on the 26th of May every year, and the year 2013 has been no exception. Africa is the continent where the Malaria disease is very prevalent, and this disease kills more people than the deadly HIV AIDS Virus. Every year whiles this day is celebrated, the focus is always on the distribution of anti malaria mosquito nets to the people whiles neglecting the root causes of the disease. Why distribute mosquito nets whiles we still have choked drains all over the country. Have we forgotten that mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. We live in a continent where the masses are taken for granted and left to their fate any time they face problems such as the outbreak of epidemics and other contagious diseases. These mosquito nets being distributed to the people are being supplied by a so called charitable Non Governmental Organization, but the government is paying for them with the tax payers money, so it is not free. Why sleep in a mosquito net whiles just behind or in front of your house, all your gutters are choked with both liquid and solid waste, and these are the breeding grounds for the malaria causing mosquitoes? Most governments on the African continent lack the political will to take certain decisions that would go a long way to make our environment clean. An example would be the clearing of illegal structures in areas as those squatters pose a major risk to the environment. These people end up polluting the drains in their areas with both liquid and solid waste. These same people would then call on the government to come to their aid any time there is a flood. The earlier we as individuals took our destinies into our hands and desilt the choked drains in our areas to allow for the free flow of water, the better it would be for us. Our governments should stop this piecemeal approach towards the eradication of the malaria disease by encouraging the use of mosquito nets rather than tackling the root causes of the disease. All hands need to be on deck for the fight against this deadly insect which is killing more people on the African continent. Just some humor: Mosquito means “Little Fly” and Malaria means “Bad Air”. Lets give a true meaning to the celebration of World Malaria Day by putting in place measures to get rid of all mosquitoes on the African continent, but not by the distribution of mosquito nets from which a foreign company outside Africa is benefiting financially from. These nets are not even manufactured in Africa, that’s the irony of the situation we are facing now.


One thought on “World Malaria Day.

  1. Prevention is better than cure, lets all help in the eradication of this deadly disease which has killed more people on the African continent than the dreaded HIV AIDS Virus.

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