The dream of every young man is to continue his education to the highest level. Upon completing the Senior High School, I hopefully applied and gained admission into my school of choice which is the University of Cape Coast and I thereby wish to describe my first day in this institution in this essay.

            On the 19th day of August, 2012, I reported to school even though it was some few days after the stated date to report. It was a Sunday and it not being a working day, I had nowhere to go than to head to my hall of affiliation which is the Oguaa Hall. I reported at the porter’s lodge and I was given a temporal room to stay for the night. I was given a room on the ‘G’ block numbered 55 which is actually for males only. I was the first to occupy that room. To be honest, when I entered the room, I knew there was no way staying in that room with others will be comfortable. For a moment, I pictured my room back home and then compared it with the room I will be spending most of my life in now. The room was so dusty since it had no occupant.

After unpacking my things, I went out to take some passport pictures which were used to fill any document if the need arises. I was fortunate to have a friend who has been in the University for some time now, who offered to take me around the campus to show me the various lecture theaters and other buildings in the school including the other five halls of affiliation on campus. After he showed me around, I headed back to my hall.

            I began to feel a little bit nostalgic upon getting to the hall due to the conditions in the hall not withstanding my room and passing the night there alone. I was willing to endure and also act as a man to withstand all these unpleasant conditions since I was told back then at home that no condition is permanent. Before the day came to an end, the unfortunate thing happened. I was not aware that I was supposed to leave the key in the lock when I opened the door since the door will automatically lock when the key is not at the entrance and I found myself in that situation. The only thing that came to mind was to report it to the porter which I did but the only solution I got was that since it’s not a working day, there was no carpenter around to break the door down so I had to wait till Monday morning. I settled down for a moment to recover from such an unfortunate incident and after all what happened, I did not even have the appetite for food so the best thing I did was to take my bath and go to sleep. I could not wait to see the rise of the morning sun that day.

            Although my first day in the University of Cape Coast was not a pleasant one, it was at least a day I would never forget as long as my stay on this campus is concerned.

(As written by Ahmed Toffic, a Level 100 student from the University of Cape Coast.)


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