Should God Go On Strike?

Image I have to write this piece due to the ongoing situation of labour agitations in my dear country, Ghana. The current strike actions embarked upon by the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) and the Ghana Medical Association have really brought about some sort of tension in the country. Other labour unions have served notice of embarking on similar actions if their concerns are not addressed by the government. But despite all these agitations going on in the country by these unions exercising their constitutional rights, what if the Almighty Father Himself decides to also go on strike, then humankind would be doomed for ever? Our oxygen supply would be no more, the rain would not fall, no trees would grow, animals would die, the sun would not shine again, and there would be no water and food for the survival of humankind, in fact humankind would cease to exist. All living things would just die. We do not pay God Almighty for all the things that He has given to us on this earth but He is very patient and merciful towards us though we keep on sinning and not doing things according to His commands. Its simple, we just can’t pay God for all that he has provided and keeps on providing for us. God demands no ex-gratia, per-diem or monthly salary from us, but yet still He keeps His part of the promise He has made to us, and we on numerous occasions go against him by committing the same sins that we begged Him to forgive us. God Almighty loves humankind and even sent down His son to die for our sins, so He would never go on strike, and we are thankful to Him for that.

The government should as a matter of urgency meet all the aggrieved labour unions and settle their differences, being they allowance arrears, salary arrears retention premiums etc etc. But i am so much disappointed in the institutions such as the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission and the Emoluments Commission as to why they have to wait for such a situation to get to this critical stage before they decide to go to the negotiating table? Ghana is indeed at a critical stage in her democratic journey and all these agitations must be settled with cool heads. I am very well convinced and i have the firm belief that God Almighty would never go on strike. God bless my homeland Ghana, amen.


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