My Tigo Experience

Image Ever since i started using  the Tigo network about eight years ago, i have never looked back. Despite the enticements being offered by the other telecommunication networks in the country, i have  stuck to the Tigo network. Over the years several promotions have been held and it has benefited a lot of people who use the services of the network. Tigo is seen to be very caring, makes sure its users are at the center of their decision making all the time. Tigo always gives me the opportunity to express myself especially during their free night calls and it has been very beneficial to me and my loved ones. Tigo Number one is also another product from this unique network that has also brought together a lot of loved ones who could not get the chance to stay in constant contact with their special ones, i doff my hat off to Tigo for starting that spectacular  initiative. With Tigo Cash i can send money to anyone on my contact list. What else would you ask for? Tigo insurance has also helped me to insure myself and one person from my family, and i would commend Tigo for that. In terms of data plans for internet browsing, Tigo has got the best, as it gives me an unlimited internet access. With the Tigo Free Bonto currently introduced, Tigo has enabled me to do a lot with just a little, and nothing can be better than that in the telecommunication industry in Ghana right now. Because Tigo cares so much about its customers and is also very passionate about sports especially soccer, its introduction of the Tigo Community Soccer is gradually bringing out the heroes in a lot of young talents who have not been able to make it into the limelight. Their communities have been given the opportunity to showcase the various talents they have, and this has brought a lot of smiles to many of the youth in their various communities all over Ghana. It keeps on getting better and better because my Tigo Experience over the years has been awesome, and i will keep on smiling because i have got Tigo. 


17 thoughts on “My Tigo Experience

  1. Indeed you’ve brought out everything that is good about tigo. I wish more people will just open their eyes and see what lies before them. Tigo is friendly to us, unlike other networks.

  2. I perfectly agree with you! I now live in America but when I saw in Ghana loved Tigo. Their promotional calls to USA and Canada was very helpful to me.The quality of the call was so clear and value was given for my money! I will choose Tigo over any other network at any time.
    Good job Tigo!

  3. Tigo is one of the best communication networks in the country and I hope to rejoin them soon. I lost my tiGO phone n did not go for my sim ever since. I just hope nobody is using my number by now. Tigo freee bontooooooo. Horror, thanks for the reminders, diz blog post reminds me of my tiGO number.

  4. Tigo is just the best, the number one network in Ghana. Tigo network brought smiles to our faces and still more smiles. Tigo Express yourself

  5. Even borrowing a friend’s chip and using it over 3 years tells me that Tigo is on top and that is how I personally express myself when am in the country. I love to surf the Internet a lot and thanks to Tigo am always updated with the latest info on all the activities am engaged in.

  6. For me the marketing strategy of Tigo is just damn good, the Tigo advert ‘honey chuki chuki’ was just one add that encapsulates everything about the Tigo Brand. As a user the Tigo Number One promo was just good and it caught up with youth like wildfire.

  7. I have been on this network for over six years and really enjoyed that much. Tigo has already offered me the opportunity to have frequent contact with ma loved ones especially ma mum who enjoys that more. TIGO offers MORE……………………….

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  9. I think tiGo shd extend its coverage to all remote places to make its network very accessible and also make it products very accedible n give a code where any other person who do not ve access to e intenet can dial or log in to follow prompts in other to ve access to e interet n also get abbressed .

  10. Tigo was the first network I fell in love with. This was in 2004. I would not switch to other networks though they tried to entice me. One outstanding thing about them was their rebranding which brought them to the limelight. Keep it up Tigo!

  11. It was both exhilarating and exciting to hear such a raving review of a phone service. In the past few months i have changed my service providers three times because they did not practice what they preached .They would advertise one thing but the end results were completely contrary to the ads.Just hearing about the uniqueness of this company Tigo ,has given me an awareness of what a phone company should be like .After reading this blog if there was a company that i would change to and tell everyone i knew who owned a mobile phone to change to , it would be Tigo ! Great job Yao!

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