Why Commit Suicide?


Humankind is so dynamic in this our modern world, such that every new day comes with its problems and the solutions differ from each person’s perspective. We all agree that it has not been easy to take care of ones self even when you are gainfully employed and not to talk about the numerous necessities of life. Since the beginning of this year, not a week passes by without the media reporting on someone who has committed suicide.

Those who commit suicide in Ghana come from all walks of life and they also range from children to adults. Some of the victims are well-to-do, and on the outside you will not notice any problem they are battling with. Also, the reasons left behind by the victims show that these people were fed up with life. There have been situations where children have committed suicide due to the maltreatment they receive in school, or at the hands of their stepmothers or stepfathers. These children therefore decide to end their lives so as to put an end to the suffering they are going through. The adult victims also kill themselves due to marital problems such as a wife threatening to divorce the husband, a husband being blackmailed by the wife to expose him for cheating on her, and also being indebted to people. Most of the suicide victims hang themselves in their rooms or on trees. Others also drink poisonous substances just to end it all.Some also jump from the top of tall buildings and end their lives. It seems suicide has become very rampant in Ghana,and if you are thinking of killing yourself, i want to tell you that it is not worth it to take your own life.

Life belongs to the Almighty God. Whatever problem you have and you feel you have hit the end of the road, sit down carefully and access yourself before taking a decision. Confide in someone you trust very much,discuss your problem with your pastor, parents or any elderly person in your community, but first go down on your knees and pray to God Almighty about your problem, and surely He will solve your problem for you. Life is enjoyable despite all the problems associated with it, don’t just give up.

So, i ask, why commit suicide? Please, do not take that road, Ghana and humankind needs you alive to contribute your quota to the development of the society to make it a better place for us all. You must know that, the little that you do to help can go a long way to make someone happy. God be with us all.

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