Valentines Day Blues

ImageThe season of love is here with us once again. On 14th February every year, the whole world celebrates Saint Valentine’s Day, and this day was originally marked with sharing and giving out gifts not only to loved ones but to anybody who was in need, the under privileged and the down trodden. But with time we in Ghana have changed the manner in which the day is marked. Some people are even advocating for the day to be made a national holiday. The Government of Ghana some years back decided to rename the day “National Chocolate Day”. This was done to encourage Ghanaians to patronize their local cocoa products. But how many Ghanaians in Ghana can afford our own chocolate produced here in Ghana? Now back to the purpose of this article. Many Guys and ladies would be affected by the Valentine Day Blues. Guys would go at great lengths to make sure their girlfriends get what they want on this very day, and the ladies would take no excuses if their boyfriends or lovers tell them they don’t have money. When a guy fails to please or buy a gift for the girlfriend, then the relationship might end there and then. Some guys also decide to switch off their phones so as not to have any communication with their girlfriends on that day. They later turn around to blame it on the bad networks. These days, the day has been turned into a promiscuous one by some of the youth in our society. This is the day they make up their minds to have sex by any means possible with their girlfriends. Any lady who refuses the sexual advances of her guy on this particular day is deemed not to be romantic by the guy, and this refusal might lead to a breakup of the relationship. This is a day many ladies are forced to coerce to the sexual demands of their lovers under the pretext of “Love”. But this is where it gets murky, more people are going to be infected with the HIV/AIDS virus, STDs, unplanned pregnancies( if no protection is used), loss of dignity(on the part of the ladies when their virginity is broken), some ladies would also be drugged and raped by some unscrupulous guys, who later brag about it to their friends. The pharmacy shops are also going to have a rise in profit as more condoms would be sold just to promote this promiscuous lifestyle. No wonder some years back, a week to Valentines Day, there was a shortage of condoms in one of the major towns in the country. Lets not be caught up in this negative celebration of Valentines Day, lets promote the original meaning of this special day. Happy Valentines Day and be positive.


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