Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Time and time again, i hear people brag about so many things that they feel they can do but, when it comes to the action, they run and hide in their holes, what a shame. I am talking about our politicians who make promises and do not keep them. We all know that promises are made to be broken and never to be fulfilled. They then come back to the electorate and promise them more the moment elections start approaching. We the electorate have to open our eyes wide and see in between their lies. We should now realize that no politician can help us achieve our dreams and aspirations. It behooves on us to make sure that we attain the highest level of education so that when they start playing their game of ‘politricks’ we ignore them totally. When that happens they will do the right thing. I feel very sad when some of the youth allow themselves to be influenced by money to do the bidding of these politicians. It is time the youth take the politicians to task by holding them accountable for all the promises that have never been fulfilled. The youth in this country needs quality education, better health care and other important social amenities. They also need jobs as most of our university graduates find themselves unemployed after their National Service. We must stand up and fight for our rights as citizens of this beautiful country, and demand what is due us from our political leaders. But, hey,when a politician makes a promise to his people, they should look at his face carefully and they will see the signs that he is lying to them. His facial expression will determine whether he is just after the votes, or wants to really do something for his people. When your actions speak very loudly, you dont need to campaign vigorously for the votes of the people, they will appreciate your good works and retain you in power. Actions speak louder than words, so our political leaders should stop lying to the people and walk the talk.



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