Somewhere In Ghana.

Somewhere in Ghana right now, some people are in darkness due to a power outage, but also somewhere in Ghana there is no electricity because those there have been forgotten by the authorities and they have lived in darkness for such a long time that, the day they would be connected to the national grid, the sort of jubilation that would go on there would blow your mind.So somewhere in Ghana, they are just praying that they would be connected to the national grid. Somewhere in Ghana, school children are asking the government to build classrooms for them so that they do not bear the brunt of the weather whiles trying to pursue their legitimate right of accessing education. Smiles would be put on the faces of these children the day a decent educational facility or classroom is built for them , so that they stop studying under trees. Somewhere in Ghana, their source of drinking water is being polluted by these illegal miners and their pleas to the relevant authorities to put an end to this practice has fallen on deaf ears. Their chiefs have sold the lands to foreigners who exploit and pollute the land without taking the health and social needs of the people in these mining communities into consideration. When it becomes too much and the people are fed up with the situation, they take the law into their hands and vent their anger on these foreigners. Somewhere in Ghana, the people have to share their source of drinking water, be it a river or a stream with livestock and the authorities would only take action on that when they go there to campaign during the election period. That’s when they start making big promises to the people, but the moment they get elected, these people are forgotten. Somewhere in Ghana, a lady graduate is desperately in search of a job and she has been told by an official within a company to allow him to satisfy his sexual desire before being given the job, she refuses to kowtow to the demands of this “Greedy Bastard”, so she is still unemployed.She has refused to sacrifice her dignity and she is still jobless. Somewhere in Ghana, the “Men In Black” (M.I.B) are taking money from every driver and the passengers are not questioning them why they should do that, because they are in a hurry to get to their various destinations and some of them would even encourage the driver to give the M.I.B. some money for them to allow their vehicle to pass.

I am sitting somewhere in Ghana writing this article, so keep watching this space for the second part of this article. You should know that you are also “Somewhere in Ghana”, and i would be making your plight known very soon, God bless Ghana our homeland.


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