Distractions In The House Of God.

The House of God or the church is a place of worship, and must be regarded as such. But you will all bear with me that in this modern world, there are so many distractions going on in the church. Worshiping God is supposed to be a solemn and sacred activity. There must be concentration on the part of the priest or pastor conducting the service, and also the congregation. Nowadays what do we see in church? People are seriously chatting whiles a sermon is being preached, they disturb others around them. Woe betides you if you draw their attention to the importance of their coming to the church, the way you will be looked at especially by the ladies who are chatting could even kill you. I sometimes wonder if they heard the sermon.

The advent of technology has also added to the distractions in the House of God. The number one device causing so much worry in our churches is the mobile phone. Most churches have pasted notices on the walls warning the members to switch off their phones before entering or put them on silent mode, but all these are ignored. It is very much embarrassing when during the sermon, a phone rings and the volume is like that of a ghetto blaster.

The owner does not even bother to switch it off but goes out and receives the call. Some of the members especially the youth choose to log unto facebook, twitter, google plus and the other social networking sites the moment they enter the church. They rather indulge in such an activity than listen to the word of God. My advice to those causing these distractions in the House of God is that, if you know you can not do without your mobile phone and also continue to talk during church service, then you better stay home.

I think churches should start installing devices that disrupt the network signals the moment you enter the building. Drastic action must be taken by embarrassing people whose phones ring during church services. All these distractions may be blocking some of the blessings that God wants to give to us. As for me, i do not take my phone to church. Whoever will call should have the patience and understanding to wait for those few hours i am dedicating to the worship of God. God is Holy, Scared, Loving etc etc, and therefore we must worship Him with all our mind s and hearts without any distractions, amen.


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